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Amusement Rides : Rides with Trailer : Royal Carousel (16 seat) with Trailer

Game Description:
Carousel with Trailer
Horse Carousel features luxury design with lots of light bulb layer on the machine. The circus horses decorated beautifully and carry players turn round and round; up and down.

Dimensions & Specifications:
Diameter of Equipment: 6.5m
Height of Equipment: 3.8m
Medium Horse Size: 1300 x 320 x 1120mm 
Big Horse Size: 1450 x 380 x 1150mm 
Cabin Size: 1600 x 900 x 1240mm

  • 6.5m diameter,3.5m high
  • After folding: 4000L x 2440W x 6280H
  • Hydraulic system




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