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Amusement Rides : Train : Choc Choc Battery Train

 Technical Parameters

 Choc Choc Battery train - can run inside your shopping mall
 Minimum turning radius 2.9m;
 Speed: 4km/h, speed discrepency is 10%;
 Front head weight: 480kg;
 Cabin weight: 190kg:
 Total weight: 1200kg;
 Train motor voltage: DC48v;
 Battery capacity: 120 amp/hour;
 Charging voltage: AC110v/220v;
 Charging time: 8 hours;
 Operation time: 6 hours;
 Rechargeable times: 2000 times
 Front dimensions: length 2700 (removable to 24500), height 2030, width 1100(mm)
 Compartment dimensions: length 1600, width 1050, height 1730(mm)
 Passenger: 24 persons




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