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Redemption Games : Lazer Shooting Games : Spurt Fire Gun (Type A)

 Gun:  540 x 100 x 320mm                                                                     
 Target:  440 x 150 x 650mm
 Main Machine:  730 x 350 x 1050mm
 Tripod:  155 x 110 x 985mm
 Net Weight:  47kg
 Height from tripod to Target:  1.75m ~ 1.80m
 Voltage:  AC 220V
 Power:  20 ~ 30 W


  • insert the coin to play
  • with brillian out looking, language-rich and time limited
  • simple style, easy to take
  • like the real shooting games, vibration, tough, realistic flames
  • simulate shooting battlefield, More realistic & More exciting



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