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Game Description:


Single player (challenge with machine):

  • Insert coin and press the start button.
  • The alarm sound appears and the countdown starts.
  • When the game finishes, the bullet will be clear.
  • In 30 seconds to continue game (Insert coin), the balance bullet of last games can be used and 60 seconds to start the game.

Two players (challenge with new player):

  • Each player insert 10 coin or more.
  • Press the challenge button.
  • The  alarm sound appears and the countdown starts (The currency excess number of 10 coins will be returned to player).
  • The time is over and the game is finish.
  • The winner can refund 80% of total coins.
  • If the points are equal two player can shar 80% of total coins

Dimensions & Specifications:
Dimensions:  Target: 
                         Control Box:
Voltage: 110V / 220V










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