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Others : Theme Project Series : Battle Bumper Car

 Technical Paramenter
 Voltage:  DC24v
 Battery:  5AH x 2
 Speed:  5km/h
 Dimension:  dia.1600 x H1000mm
 Passenger:  2 persons
     This is a new high-tech parent-child interactive bumper cars. The design injected new idea of sports competition spirit into the game which changed the original game modes. The game is more interesting. A special designed cambered chair makes children sitting in front of their parents more comfortable. The body has two sets of control system, if the child cannot drive a vehicle, parents can help by the control handle on both sides of the car. When the game begins, children and parents need to work with each other with skilled driving skills drive out of enemy, and shoot laser to block the rival, in the course of the game exciting they can enjoy the fun of family interaction.

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