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 Technical Paramenter
 Voltage:  DC12v / 80AH
 Power:  120w
 Speed:  0~7km/h
 Dimension:  1500 x 750 x 900mm
 Passenger:  1 Adult & 1 Kid

What can be more fun for youngsters than driving their very own car. Well, at The Driver's Club you can!

Fantastic for kids from 3 to 13 years old, the Driving School is a fun circuit where they can learn to drive around in their own brightly coloured mini cars.

On the fun-size track our mini-drivers will learn the Highway Code basics - from observing signs and negotiating roundabouts, to giving way at zebra crossings and stopping at the traffic lights.

Don’t forget that it’s an excellent way to get your kids thinking about safe driving practices in their early years – after all they’re the drivers of the future!


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 Size: L6.5 x H3.1m
 Included fiberglass body, light box, LED lightings

 Help Desk
 Size: L2.4 x H2.7m
 Fiberglass body and with LED lightings



 Gas Station
 Size: L3.3 x D2.4 x H2.5m
 Included wooden platform, 2 filing machines,
 LED lightings and Coconut Tree

 Police Station
 Size: L3.8 x D2.4 x H3.2m
 Included wooden platform, LED ligthings,
 Coconut Tree




 Car Factory
 Size: L3 x D2.4 x H3.2m
 Included wooden platform, LED lightings,
 Coconut Tree

 Size: L3 x D2.4 x H2.2m
 Included wooden platform, LED lightings,
 Coconut Tree



 Traffic Light A
 Size: L3.2 x H3m
 Zinc coated and with LED

 Traffic Light B
 Size: L0.5 x D0.5 x H1.4m
 Zinc coated and with LED


 Road Signs
 Size: D0.6 x H1.2m
 Made of fiberglass and with LED

 Optional Accessories







 Gas Station Attendant
 Size: H1.6m
 Made of fiberglass
 Size: H1.6m
 Made of fiberglass
 Size: H1.6m
 Made of fiberglass
 Dessert Chef
 Size: H1.5m
 Made of fiberglass
 Traffic Policeman
 Size: H1.5m
 Made of fiberglass





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