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Body temperature measurement + Disinfection

Protection class IP55
Application scenarios Indoor (no sunlight interference)
Body size 136 * 27 * 249mm (length * thickness * height) 136 * 27 * 405mm (length * thickness * height, including columns)
Material Aluminum
System parameter system Android 5.0
CPU high-performance ARM architecture 32-bit 4-core
Storage: 1GB memory, 8GB data storage
7-inch 170-degree wide-angle IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 1024 * 600
Lens focal length 6mm
Camera 200W pixels, support wide dynamic
Infrared temperature measurement Temperature measurement range 32 ℃ 42 ℃
Temperature measurement accuracy
Temperature measurement error 0.5 ℃
Temperature measurement distance
Recognition performance recognition distance 0.3-4 meters
Recognition time less than 300ms
Face library capacity 1: N, N <= 20000
Accuracy 99.70%
External interface Power interface 1 x DC12V, DC005 female 2.1 * 5.5
USB interface 1 x USB2.0
Relay output 1 x digital output, 2PIN 3.8 pitch terminal
RJ45 network cable interface 1 x RJ45 network port
Wiegand output interface 1 x WG output
IO input 1 x door sensor

1. Cabin: The top of the box is made of high-quality cold plate baking paint, and the thickness of the plate is 1.0mm;
2. System: The intelligent ultrasonic atomization disinfection system is used to atomize the disinfection liquid into 1-10 micron disinfectant particles to quickly attach to the surface of the human body or objects, thereby eliminating the virus, which can effectively prevent the transmission of new coronavirus;
3. Power supply voltage: 220VAC 50HZ / power: 800W;
4. Door body: transparent magnetic PVC soft glass curtain with light resistance, no deformation, no brittleness and no hardening, high elasticity, antistatic, heat resistance 100 ℃, cold resistance -30 ℃
5. Control: using intelligent induction system, personnel enter the automatic induction machine to automatically start disinfection, automatic shutdown after disinfection is completely convenient, no manual control operation required;
6. Lighting: None



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