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Technical Paremeters

1. Infrared human body temperature measurement with acousto-optic alarm. Using high-precision infrared spectrum sensor, it can measure body temperature from a long distance without contact and effectively avoid cross infection, voice prompt for body temperature and alarm for high body temperature.
2. Smart body temperature display and can be adjusted according to the seasonal temperature difference.
3. Automatic non contact hand sanitizer spray.

4. Automatic ultrasonic mist. When the customer goes through the chamber, it will release disinfectant mist and stop immediately when the customer leaves the chamber.
5. A circulation tank is set under the disinfection channel, which can collect and treat excess disinfection liquid to avoid pollution to the surrounding environment
6. Reminder setting for the status of the equipment, like the shortage of liquid and lighting etc. 

7. Automatic fluid replenishment function. The equipment is equipped with a large-capacity liquid storage tank. There is liquid alarm prompt function, to avoid damage to the atomization equipment due to lack of liquid, and automatically refill the atomization tank and stop automatically to meet the daily usage
8.Slope pedal  with non-slip pedals at the entrance and exit of the equipment, which is convenient for the elderly and children
9. Lighting  is equipped with LYD waterproof light, which can be used at night or in a dark place.
10. It is easy to move around with four casters at the bottom.   There are brakes, which can quickly reach the designated place for quick installation. The device uses 220V household AC power, and the function is less than 800 watts. The installation is simple and fast. Disinfection solution can be used, no need for professional installation and commissioning, simple operation, easy to learn and understand





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