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 Technical Paremeters
 Voltage:  AC220v 50Hz
 Passenger:  Configuration:
  1.  Metal Case with silver wood frame
  2. 55" High brightness (700cd/m2) LCD Screen (4K screen)
  3. 60" IR 10-points touch panel
  4. PILKINGTON Display Mirror
  5. Hiti P525L printer with one box of printing consumables (2 rolls of paper and color ribbon,
      1000 prints)
  6. DSLR Canon Camera 1300D with lens of 18-55mm and power adapter
  7. PC board: 15 CPU, 64G SSD, 4G RAM, Win 7 or Win10
  8. Selfie software with mirror booth feature
  9. Dimension: 75 x 50 x 140cm
10. Weight: 80Kgs





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