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Hungry Dog
Carnival Games
Dino Wheel
Carnival Games
Lucky Zone
Redemption Games
Mr. Football
Redemption Games
Redemption Games
World Boxing Championship
Insert coins, to start the game. Power of each punch is indicated by the pointer and the corresponding score is recorded on the scoreboard, Bonus payout when total score of three punches exceeds highest score record.
Bed Monsters
Carnival Games
1. Hit the button at the right time, the ball will drop through the nails, if it can drop into the hole of the wheel, you can get the corresponding coins or tickets. 2. Contrarily, it will drop into the hole at the bottom, and you can get the corresponding tickets.
Smokin Token Extreme
1. Players insert coins down a slope into a spinning wheel. Successfully hitting a target awards tickets and raising the wheel up to reveal Bonus targets worth double tickets! 2. Bonus countdown starts and wheel goes up when a coin jumps through any slot, win extreme Bonus tickets by hitting 2 targets during countdown.
Police Action
1. Insert coins, press the start button, then use the steering wheel to control the car and catch the thieves on the road to get scores. 2. The number of thieves you have caught will be displayed on the LED screen, the more thieves you can catch within the set time, the more tickets you can get.
Corsair of Ghost
1. Catch time to Hit the button, if the light stop on Bonus, the light on second layer will flash 2. If all of the lights stop on the Bonus, then get the final "Bonus" scores, contrarily the game will be over, and get the corresponding scores where the light stops on.
Brave Piglet
Carnival Games
Fun Hoops (Single Player)
Carnival Game
Smart Hoops (Double Player)
Carnival Game
Seeking Treasure
Carnival Game
Fish Catcher
Carnival Game
Tycoon Dream
Playing method:Player press 'Stop' button to stop the running light to get corresponding ticket. If the light stops at 1 of the 4 treasure boxes, he can go to the 2nd level. At 2nd level, player has to overcome all the obstacles at the fastest speed to reach the goal.
Beat The Invader
Throw the balls to the targets in limited timeand get scores Very Quick and Accurate sensor actions. 50" Hitachi Plasma 12 vivid and colorful graphic screens to choose.
The Mummy Returns
- 1 coin for 8 tokens, 2 coin for 12 tokens (you car set your own settigs) - Shoot the coin to the target, More targets being hit, more tickets you can win.
Fruit Hut
Total entries : 216    ( Pages : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 )


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