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        Cartoon Swing Train (DC)

  • Standard full unit including: 1 Locomotive + 3 Carriages + Track + Fence + 1 Control unit 
  • Each train cabinet has 2 motors, one is going forward, one is to swing, giving more dynamic, thrilling motion to the childern!
  • Power: 2000W
  • Single Voltage: AC220/DC24V
  • Minimum Turning radius: 1.05m
  • Gap between tracks: about 0.42mm
  • The diameter of track: about 0.42mm
  • Occupied area: W6.90 x L12.6m
  • Different music individually set for each carriage
  • Working light for decorating on each carriage
  • Number of carriages: 8 Kids or 4 Adults
  • Playing time can adjust from 1.5 minutes to 5 minutes
  • Ex work shop
  • Special Price: USD4,500 + USD685 (dismantle fee & local transport fee)



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